RU Science Club was awarded the best club award

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Rajshahi University (RU) Science Club has been awarded as the best club

Rajshahi University Science Club (RUSC) has been awarded as the best club among 300 clubs of different universities in the country. On Saturday (July 29) Rajshahi University Science Club (RUSC) received the award at a function organized at Bangladesh Krishibid Institute.

Organizers said, Rajshahi University Science Club is a non-profit science-loving organization. Rabi Science Club has been organizing science fairs, workshops, and various important programs since its inception in order to keep the scientific practice going. Following this, Rajshahi University Science Club (RUSC) won the Best Club Award.

They further informed that ‘Rajshahi University Science Club (RUSC)‘ was among the top 25 university clubs after video presentation, online voting, and final viva in front of the jury board after submitting 300 university club nominations for the YCI (Youth Career Institute) Leadership Award. And they were finally ranked among the top 15 clubs.

The Minister of Information was present as the chief guest in the program. Hasan Mahmud. He handed over the award to the Science Club. Note that 15 clubs were awarded as the best club in the award.

The President of the Rajshahi University Science Club Md. Abdul Latif, Vice-President Naznin Ara Nishu and Karima Khatun, General Secretary Masud, Treasurer Sheikh Saikat, and Science Fan Secretary Md Sharifur Rahman were also present during the award ceremony.

Club General Secretary Masud Rana said I have worked for this award for about 3 months. Through various activities including voting, and presentation, we have highlighted the Rabi Science Club in the whole country. This journey started by getting the maximum number of votes in the voting getting almost 5000 votes. That journey ended today by receiving the award. The feeling of initial selection out of 300 clubs, getting into the top 40, getting into the top 25, and coming out victorious each time, is indescribable. Like the feeling of saying ‘Hurray’. I want to thank every well-wisher, club member, and persons of my personal life. I want to take Rabi Science Club forward through more activities in the coming days.

The journey of the Rajshahi University Science Club started in 2015 to build a science-minded nation.


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