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Rajshahi university science club

Rajshahi University Science Club is working to spread science in a simple and understandable way across the country. As part of this effort, Rajshahi University Science Club organizes various programs throughout the year. We recently launched our highly anticipated event, ‘7th RUSC National Science Fiesta 2023’. Campus ambassadors will therefore be chosen for the fiesta from various schools, colleges, and institutions. The recruited campus ambassadors will have to work for promoting and disseminating science as part of the ‘7th RUSC National Science Fiesta 2023’.

Application Eligibility
  1. School ( class 9-10 ) or College Level or University or Polytechnic Students (undergraduate- up to 3rd year,not applicable for 4th year).
  2. Good in both Bangla & English.
  3. Must be interested to work with science & technology.
  4. Having a strong network in his/her campus.
  5. Excellent written & verbal communication skills.
  6. Hard work, determined and ability to think out of the box.
  7. Must be attend in our programs.
  8. They have to promote science through our programs to their institutions.
  1. Campus ambassadors can participate any one of the individual segments for free (Conditions applicable).
  2. Ambassadors will get an ambassador certificate (if anyone can successfully confirm 10+ registration) & special gift bag at the Closing ceremony of Fiesta ( Gift bag will be provided if anyone can successfully confirm 30+ registrations).
  3. One of the best ambassador from each category (School, College & University) will receive special awards at the closing ceremony of ” 7th RUSC National Science Fiesta 2023″.
Recruitment Procedure
1. Fill out the form below.
2. A viva will be taken. The time and date will be informed to you.