About Us

To promote inquisitiveness among the students and inculcate Scientific temper to others Rajshahi University Science Club (RUSC) formed 17th January, 2015 in our beloved premises of Motihar. To trigger interest on research and use scientific output for solving existing problem, some highly passionate young talent working hard to make this dream platform which is now booming science based non-profitable voluntary student organization in our country. In past, managed Science fest in several time successfully already this platform proves her strength nationally. In a consequences, RUSC achieved as a registered organization through our National Science & Technology Ministry in 2018. Our Reg no-Ga-184/201

Pleasure to share, first time in the history of Rajshahi University RUSC arrange open science views sharing programme named “BIDGAN-ADDA among the university students and spread out knowledge of science through the general student. The executive council round the year did his some fantastic works like (a) organize of different Olympiad programme for school & college going student; (b) afterschool program title “sustainable development to the nation through science” by which students can learn various interesting science recent issues; (c) science film festival, work-shop, seminar from where anyone get the idea about new invention new thinking and so on.

As a whole, entire activities always monitored by standing committee member and honourable advisory board member always gives us their valuable advice for growing this organization successfully. Science has proven to be the most successful avenue to realize the natural changes which simultaneously happening around us, encompassing the realm of the quakes to that quasars. Believing this thoughts, we keep on faith and motto the title set “In Science, We trust” for our journey and still we are trying to catch our scintillating goal. Already, this club arranged so many diversified program like Science Exhibition, Science Talks, Project presentation, Sky observation camp, Science Show etc. Above mentioned program click all the participants’ heart and within very short time RUSC gained the glorious popularity among the faculty members of various university as well as general people.

As a student based voluntary organization, RUSC also performed some social responsibility last couple of years. Celebrating all the national days with great respect and joy RUSC arranged day long program with colourful procession. Sometimes, the executive committee member extended their helping hand to under privileged children for his better education and even help the university authority to arrange various program centrally. In daily routine work RUSC organized seminar on “Higher Study Abroad” in where various resource personnel come to share their experience and views.

To recapitulate, without strengthen the nations with scientific knowledge we never catch our proposed goal. Hoping RUSC will be future bigger platform to assemblage of all science attract personnel and it would be treated best option to achieve govt. proposed sustainable development goal in near very future.