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What do you want to know about RUSC?

People ask FAQ about Rajshahi University Science Club has been answered here. If you want to know more please visit the contact section and follow instructions. Wish you a happy journey with RUSC

Who initiated the process of establishing the RUSC Platform?

 Ans: RUSC platform came up holding hands of some amazing people Who thought to spread the love of science.Six friends together with their dream and enthusiasm started the journey of RUSC: they are Zohorul Islam Moon – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Chowdhury Arif Jahangir – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Md. Rezaul Karim – Physics, Alok Kumar Paul – Fisheries, Supria Saha – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology & Md. Sadequl Islam Sujon – Zoology

Why RUSC different from other organizations ?

Ans: Rajshahi University Science Club (RUSC) started its journey on 17th January 2015. Since its inception, we have been working towards the spread and popularity of science in the Rajshahi region. The present age is the age of science and technology. There is no substitute for science to survive and maintain its existence in line with this age. The journey of Rajshahi University Science Club started with that goal.Rajshahi University Science Club organizes at least one event every month. Every month a science chat named ” Biggan Adda” is organized where various contemporary science topics are discussed. We also go to school colleges and organize science shows to increase the popularity of science among school and college students.We organize Science Fiesta every year where Olympiads on various subjects of science are held along with other events. Rajshahi University Rajshahi University Science Club is the only organization that works with science on campus.Each of our events is educational and makes students interested in science and inspires them to learn science. That is why Rajshahi University Science Club is different and unique from other organizations.

What is the Mission and Vision of RUSC?

Ans: Mission: To spread science and technological knowledge among ourselves and people in order to keep ourselves high in the dynamics of science and to build a science-minded nation.
A. To spread knowledge about science among the students.
B. To work to increase people’s interest in science and technology.
C. To help create the necessary facilities to increase interest in science.
D. To publish activities, journals, memoirs and others of scientific meetings.
E. To organize various lectures, seminars, workshops, meetings etc. on the subject of science considering its national and international importance.
F. Identify various social problems and work on its science based solutions.
G. Strengthening friendly relations with various fraternal organizations related to science in national and international arena and building joint movement.

Why You should join RUSC?

Ans: Joining the science club is a great way to help develop the skills that will benefit us in university, our career, and in life. It increased the opportunity to develop and practice thinking, speaking, and listening skills. It gives us opportunities to experience a wider range of science topics, hence broadening their enthusiasm for science. To create a positive change in attitude to science lessons. To develop a general interest in science and scientific hobbies. To develop habits of exploration and creative facilities. To encourage individual and group activities. To Stimulate active participation in different scientific competitions, To keep the student in touch with the recent advance in science. It also helps to enjoy a break from your studies.

What will be the tasks of RUSC members?

Ans: Science club is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment.Through activities of a science club, learning of science become joyful. The main task of the members of the science club are spread science among everyone.They helps the students to work on their own ideas,hobbies, experiments etc.There are no restrictions and the students can work on their own ideas with full freedom.The members of RUSC works in many social works,and the organised many programmes like science fair,DNA day etc.


Ans: Current students from any faculty can join RUSC as a member of the club. But to be a posted member of the club he/she must be from Science/Engineering faculty. Students from other faculty rather than Science and Engineering can become Science fan secretariat members. Students from different institutions in Rajshahi can also join the club but they will be under a subcommittee of the club.


Ans: Yes, at different times RUSC has collaborated with different organizations. Such as BioRgRU organization, Bangladesh Astronomy and Astrophysics, Bangladesh Junior Science Olympiad. Besides,  as RUSC is a club registered with the Ministry of Science and Technology, they have to collaborate with them in a program every year.


Ans: As RUSC is a nonprofitable organisation, the main source of fund for RUSC is contribution of club members. Club members contribute a certain amount of money each month. Organizers pay 20 taka per month, members 30 taka, committee members 50 taka, president 100 taka per month. This is the main source of running the club. RUSC club takes different sponsors while doing different programs.  This money from sponsors is spent on various programs. Besides, they get some grants from the government. No grants are accepted from any person or organization for running the club.