Mental Health Matters: Building Resilience Together

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Greetings from RUSC

“সুস্থ দেহে সুন্দর মন” এই লাইনটি কারো অজানা নয়। কিন্তু সুস্থ স্বাভাবিক জীবন-যাপনে শরীরের পাশাপাশি মনকে আমরা কতোটুকু গুরত্ব দেই? মানসিক স্বাস্থ্য বিষয়ে চিকিৎসা নিয়ে আমাদের ধারণা খুবই কম।যার ফলস্বরূপ আমরা দেখতে পাই প্রায়শই আত্মহত্যার মতো দুঃখজনক ঘটনা ঘটে থাকে বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের শিক্ষার্থীদের মাঝে। শারীরিক অসুস্থতা নিয়ে আমরা যতটা সচেতন, মানসিক অসুস্থতা নিয়ে অবহেলা যেন ততটাই বেশি। মানসিক চাপ, অবসাদ, বিষন্নতা ইত্যাদি সুস্থ স্বাভাবিক এই আমাদেরকে অজান্তেই মৃত্যুর দিকে এগিয়ে নিচ্ছে। নিজের এবং আমাদের প্রিয়জনের পাশে থাকতে এবং মনকে সুস্থ রাখতে “Psychological First Aid” বা, “মনস্তাত্ত্বিক বিষয়ক প্রাথমিক চিকিৎসা” সম্পর্কে জানতে অংশ নিন “Rajshahi University Science Club” আয়োজিত ফ্রি ওয়েবমিনারে।


Why is sound mental health deemed essential?

  1. Personal Well-being: Awareness of mental health helps individuals recognize signs and symptoms of mental illnesses within themselves. It empowers them to seek appropriate support and treatment, leading to better overall well-being.
  2. Reducing Stigma: Knowledge about mental health challenges helps reduce stigma surrounding mental illnesses. When people understand that mental health conditions are common and treatable, they are more likely to support those who are struggling and seek help themselves without fear of judgment.
  3. Healthy Relationships: Awareness of mental health fosters empathy and understanding in relationships. It enables individuals to support friends, family members, or colleagues who may be experiencing mental health difficulties, strengthening interpersonal connections.
  4. Improved Productivity: Mental health affects productivity and performance in various aspects of life, including work and academics. Understanding mental health encourages employers and educational institutions to create supportive environments that prioritize mental well-being, ultimately leading to improved productivity and outcomes.
  5. Early Intervention: Knowledge about mental health enables early detection of issues and timely intervention. Early intervention can prevent conditions from worsening, leading to better treatment outcomes and a higher quality of life for individuals affected by mental health challenges.
  6. Public Health: Mental health awareness is essential for public health initiatives and policies. It helps policymakers allocate resources effectively, design interventions tailored to community needs, and promote mental health education and advocacy efforts.
  7. Reducing Healthcare Costs: By promoting mental health awareness and early intervention, society can potentially reduce healthcare costs associated with untreated mental illnesses. Preventive measures and early treatment can mitigate the need for more intensive and costly interventions later on.




  • Participant’s Certificate will be provided.
  • All training materials will be provided by the trainer.

Note: Limited spots are available. Register early to secure your participation.

Speaker :

  • Murad Ansary
    Founder & CEO, Psycure 

So, don’t miss this chance to connect with the world of mental peace. We warmly welcome you to the one-day long adventure.

Schedule & Location:

05 April 2024

  • Session Time:   3.30 PM – 5.00 PM
Platform: Google Meet


Program discussion:
  1. Understanding Mental Health
  2. Building Resilience
  3. Self-Care Practices
  4. Managing Stress and Anxiety
  5. Emotional Regulation
  6. Creating Supportive Environment 
  7. Overcoming Stigma
  8. Seeking Help
  9. Work-Life Balance
  10. Crisis Management
  11. Cultural Considerations
  12. Q&A Session

Contact Information


Md Yeasin Khandakar Emon
Social Welfare Secretary
Phone no: +8801518965418
Email: [email protected]


Phone No: +8801976961162
Email: [email protected]

General Secretary

Sheikh Soikot
Phone No: +8801783675702
Email: [email protected]

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