Annual Picnic 2023

Rajshahi university science club

Study Abroad Workshop/ Higher education in Bangladesh refers to university education and college education within the university. The spread of knowledge and science in any nation occurs through higher education. Higher education opens the door to new possibilities and illuminates the nation in the light of knowledge. And in our country, this higher education system is involved in a web of problems. So there are many questions in the minds of ordinary students about higher education. Rajshahi University Science Club is going to organize a program called "Hands-on training Study Abroad Workshop" a two-day-long program on 26-27 November 2022 to give details about higher education

Why should you join the workshop?
1. You'll get proper guidelines for study in abroad & scholarships
2. Scholarship Strategies to Build Your Professional Network
3. How to shortlist universities for study abroad
4. How to make a professional CV
5. All you need to know about the GRE & IELTS test
6. How to email a professor for research opportunities
7. How to write your SOP

Who will miss out on the chance if they don't attend this workshop?
1. Those who are interested in higher studies.
2. Those who want to build up their career.
3. Those who are interested in building a solid network and professional CV

Program schedule: Date:26-27 November 2022
Time: 04 PM-09 PM

Zohorul Islam Moon
Ph.D. Fellow, FCT- The Ministry of Science and Technology Research for Medicine Institute, Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Lisbon, Portugal

Last date of registration: 25 November 2022

Once there are enough participants, the registration process for the Higher Study Abroad program will be stopped. So, first of all, register now to ensure your participation in the program. Contact us for any registration issues –
Communication: [email protected]



5 December 2023    >    7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Green Valley Park, Natore

Contact Information


Jinnat Ara Jebin
Organizing Secretary
[email protected]


Md. Abdul Latif
[email protected]

General Secretary

[email protected]

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