Tree Plantation Drive 2019

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DATE: 04/08/2019

Trees play an important role in an ecosystem by maintaining ecological balance and equilibrium. Trees hold the soil in which they grow. As a result the fertile top soil is held securely; otherwise it may get drained or washed away in water such as during rains and floods. Trees are the natural habitat for many wildlife species that includes mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Trees play a vital role in climate. A micro-habitat formed by planting trees can create a green and natural area, and a micro-climate that is healthy for all the life forms, including man, that inhabit the area.

In this year, Rajshahi University Science Club  is going to be Tree Plantation Program with cost-free distribution to the school- college students in Rajshahi City corporation on target of trees 5K.

Title of the program: Tree Plantation Drive 2019

Slogan:    Let’s Plant Tree……

Location :

Aloasha School, Rajshahi

Date: 04 August 2019

Time: 10.00am


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